Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is Life just a really bad joke being played on me?

I don't delude myself into thinking that life gives more of a fuck about one of us than the other. But damn it sure can seems that way sometimes . Why the fuck is it that the harder some people try the harder it gets,while those who go through life with a fuck the world  attitude seem to thrive?  I don't consider myself to be religious, I am however a very spiritual person, I live by a strict code and I try hard to apply the Golden rule of treating people the way I want to be treated. Yet people are always testing my good nature and mistaking my kind heart for something other than that. They don't or won't  understand that I can not give a fuck about them as an individual, yet help them as a child of the Most High. Why is it people can't see this is not about them it is about my being right with my myself and my God more than there perception of me. Why can they not see that I do what I do to be at peace with self, to be able to look myself in the eyes when I look in the mirror. Is it possible for  people to to be that dimwitted, or is it simply a matter of the cursed ego getting in the way. There are truly times when I wish I lived on Mars,just not to have to be bothered by the bullshit that comes with the human connection. But for the sake of having a space where I cannot not see humans looking at me, I love to drive but it pisses me off when I get in the car and am forced to stop at a red light only to feel the eyes of the nimrod in the car next to me looking in my car.  I looked into putting mirror tint on my windows,so when they look they can see themselves after all that is all most people are interested in anyway.  I was  informed that it is illegal, why ? because that would allow for some privacy, keeping big brother and the deviant in the car next to me from seeing into what should be a mobile sanctuary.

Monday, June 20, 2011

      I wake each morning to the pressing question, what fresh hell does life have in store for me today? As a  native New Yorker I work diligently to come to terms with reality that there is truly no place like home. It never ceases to amaze me just how uncivilized the rest of America is in comparison. Just the other day for example I had an appointment and had been given the address, so like the directionally challenged person that I am I program my trusty GPS. Well lo and  look , here in Dante's 4th circle of hell (Georgia) some genius person or committee has decided to re number the street, so while I sit in front of a building numbered 5595 a new sign for the "strip mall" displays a change of address and the new address is 5615. Now I ask you how the hell do you arbitrarily re number a street, with the only indicator being a strip mall sign? Further I made the unforgivable mistake of asking a police officer ( as a was outside of their house), for the address  I was looking for, he looks around as if  by doing so the answer would manifest out of thin air. Needless to say he was as useful as teats on a boar. With no help forthcoming from those who serve and protect ( only God knows how, They probably won't be able to find you) and no help from the merchant who seemed more lost than me. I had to use another modern convenience my cellphone to finally,get where I needed to be.